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Millett Family Charity Auction

Long-time IvyStreet partners, the Millett Family, briefed IvyStreet to create a campaign for a no-reserve charity auction as part of their Millett Family Community Grants community initiative. The objective of the campaign was to raise awareness and lead generation for the sale of the charity house, and also gain interest from local charity and community organisations who would benefit from the sale of the home. IvyStreet was tasked with a brief to generate hot leads for the auction to achieve a sale price over over $1 million dollars, and to generate over 30 leads from local charity and community organisations. A brand-new, 4-bedroom home within Rosenthal was auctioned on Saturday, September 16 2023, raising $1.055 million, with the proceeds donated to over 60 local charities and community organisations in the Sunbury area.


Rosenthal | Millett Family Community Grants




IvyStreet informed and executed a targeted multi-faceted campaign strategy using our in-house capabilities across all departments for the Millett Family Charity Auction campaign.

We were invested in this process from start to finish. We felt it was important to leverage the well-known and established Rosenthal brand to ensure the campaign would resonate with the target audience.


Campaign strategy

Concept development

Performance marketing

Content marketing

Environmental graphics

Project management

Web development


A challenge for this project was getting our targeting correct. With a relatively short window (seven-weeks) to generate ‘hot’ leads for a specific no-reserve auction home, we needed to ensure we were accurate.

IvyStreet was also faced with a tight three-week timeline to acquire charity organisation grant applications. It was important to develop clear and concise messaging, as there was limited time for testing. To achieve the desired outcome, it was important to ensure there was sufficient budget to support the campaign period.


The Millett Family Charity Auction was deemed a success. The charity home sold for over $1 million, and IvyStreet was able to generate 60 eligible charity and community organisation grant applications, succeeding 200% above our desired goal.

Our traditional always-on performance marketing for the community Rosenthal also saw a 46% growth in lead generation & 64% increase in reach during the campaign period.

These results amplify our theory for always having a specific campaign to work alongside our always-on activity to deliver heightened results.

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