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WorkSafe Dangerous Goods Campaign

Dangerous goods are classified as corrosive, flammable, combustible and explosive substances. A significant threat to both the local environment and community health, the discovery of illegally stored dangerous goods in Epping
and Campbellfield was the precursor for a prevention-led awareness campaign commissioned by WorkSafe.


WorkSafe Victoria




The goal of the campaign was to help identify high-risk workplaces and increase the number of people reporting dangerous goods concerns to WorkSafe.

The audience included storage facility owners and their employees (many of which included migrant workers), drivers transporting dangerous goods and community connections. Each of these groups offers valuable insights and the ability to identify unsafe practices within a working environment.


Campaign creative


Art direction


Campaign messaging needed to reduce the reluctance to report employers by encouraging a ‘do the right thing’ mentality amongst the target audience.

By effectively communicating the potential risks to their neighbours, workplaces, family and friends, the audience is incentivised to anonymously report dangerous goods, and achieve a change in behaviour.


Ominous imagery provides context and sets the scene for language, challenging the audience to trust their sense of right and wrong.

‘That doesn’t feel, look or smell right’. The strategy also offered a practical guide for the audience to identify high-risk workplaces and feel confident to report their concerns. The campaign creative was designed to be flexible, and suited to both the requirements of print advertising as well as digital channels.

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